Build Break Alarm

Note: I meant to post this a long time ago. It is definitely an out of order project post.

A while back I changed teams at Amazon. While in an early meeting my new dev manager mentioned using lava lamps to indicate when builds break. I told my team that I could be interested in making something that would be similar and would accomplish the same result.

Build Break Alarm Schematic

Build Break Alarm Schematic

I deleted some code from this sketch that would display info on a television as I never got the timing down for managing both serial data and TV out. There didn’t seem to be enough CPU cycles available for both at the same time. As a result I would miss some of the serial data as it came in. If I turned off the TV out I got all of the expected serial data. Long story long this code may not compile as I haven’t tried since I removed the TV out bits. You’re smart, you’ll figure it out.

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