Arduino Workshop Book

Arduino Workshop
Here is a book I just came across. It looks promising. John Boxall seems to have the book printed out on his website as well, complete with code and videos. Awesome! The book is a pretty great deal ($17.97+$5.60 shipping for me) with the 40% discount for using discount code: BLINKYTHINGS

Just so it is clear, I have nothing to do with tronixstuff, but I do enjoy the blog. Cool stuff!

Over the last few years I’ve been writing a few Arduino tutorials, and during this time many people have mentioned that I should write a book. And now thanks to the team from No Starch Press this recommendation has morphed into my new book – “Arduino Workshop
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UPDATE: John mentioned, “…the book is different to the tutorials on the website and is a separate entity.” Even better! Thanks John.

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