Super Powers!

Since 2014 I have been working on myself. I have learned to love myself. Through this journey (I am still on it), I have learned an amazing thing about myself. I have a super power. I have the ability to get people to open up to me and connect with me on a deep emotional level. I never knew that I wanted this, but I love it. I get to be my true self and know someone else deeply. I makes me so happy. If it isn not clear this super power is vulnerability. If you don’t believe me we should hang out and I will tell you who I really am.

I will tell you how I am afraid that if you really know me that you will be repulsed and abandon me. I will tell you about how I need to be right and be able solve all of your problems so that you see value in me. I will tell you how I hide the beautiful parts of myself because I am ashamed (not as much anymore). I will look you in the eye when I speak my truths. I will tell you about my experience. I will do my very best to say “I” when I mean “I” and avoid saying “you” when I really mean “I.”

I will listen to your story intently with genuine curiosity. I want, very much, to connect with you. I want you to be seen and heard. I will be present and attentive. I will do all of this because you are worthy of it. I know this because I am worthy.

Seriously, if you want to grab a beer or a bite or both I would love to hear your story and hopefully you will hear mine too.


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