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Sheep It!

Back when I was still working at Amazon I decided to contribute to a DIY/Maker faire. I can’t remember the title of the event.  I thought it would be [..]

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uint32_t writeError = UC3 + STK600 + JTAG;

I can’t write to my AT32UC3A3 using an STK600 and AVR Dragon via JTAG! What do I do?! Read more »

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Learning: AVR Assembly

I have been trying to learn AVR assembly for the past few weeks. Things are coming along, but it is tough to remember all of the 3 and 4 letter instructions and which registers they can work with. Here is part of an example project, which was really a series of exercises that I worked on through out the chapter. I’ve been reading a book from 2002 called AVR: An Introductory Course. While the reviews for this book haven’t been great, I’ve found it to be a reasonable book for learning. I’m sure it is outdated but I’m sure that the much of still applies. Read more »

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